Juicing? 3-day Start to Healthy

3-day Start to Healthy

When you think about it. Three days goes by incredibly fast, so if it only takes three days to take your body from zero to hero? Why wait? Here is a list of benefits that just three, that’s right THREE days can do on a juice cleanse. Now there are dozens of benefits, but these are the ones that might surprise you.

Benefit 1. Energy

You will have more energy from the start after you drink your first juice. Let’s say in the morning you drink one of RAW’s Rise N’ Shine juices. It has pineapple for your fruit factor, ginger for your antibodies and digestion factor, and alkaline water and coconut water for hydration and energy. It will be so energizing that you won’t have a craving for anything else. Not only that but it will keep you rolling until lunchtime.

Benefit 2. Lower Salt Craving

Now I know that sounds odd, but salty foods are usually high in fats and oils. Your body usually craves that when you are on a diet or detoxing, but when you are giving yourself enough veggies and natural sugars your body won’t realize its missing. Let’s take RAW’s Liver Cleanse juice for example, it has Beet juice, Fuji Apples, Carrot, Ginger, and Turmeric. It is the liquid life-saver of juices. With that juice in your hand, you can walk by all the French fry stands around and feel stress-free.

Benefit 3. Body Break/Mind Awake

With your body no longer having to focus on digesting foods, your mind will begin to focus on better things. You will also have the same amount of energy, if not MORE with the juice cleanse so you will be able to live normally. You might find yourself reorganizing your closet, dusting behind the fridge, or even catching up on things you’d been procrastinating on.

Those aren’t even the main benefits of a juice cleanse, but they are the ones you will for sure feel during just 3-days. Weight loss, better sleep, and great health are just the extra bonuses. Our body is a machine, and like a machine it needs to be well oiled and given a refreshing break every once in a while. That is what the 3-day cleanse is all about, it is letting your body know it is cared for.We can almost guarantee that you will love the 3-day juice cleanse so much, that you will go for the 5-day and then the 7-day cleanse. The 3-day cleans is like a Christmas vacation for your body, so why not give it a spring break holiday as well.

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