The Benefits of Detoxes

The Benefits of Detoxes

Why should you detox?

Are you feeling your absolute best? Take a few seconds before you answer. You may not have even realized the toll that toxins have taken on you. Our bodies take in toxins every single day, it is just a part of life. Eating a balanced diet and maintaining your physical and mental health is essential to helping your body fight off these toxins. However, it is difficult to do all of these things perfectly. When we can’t our bodies will often need our help to fend off toxins and keep up in optimal health. That is where the benefits of detoxing come in.

What is a detox?

You can think of detoxing as helping your body to flush out the excess toxins in your body. The key word here is help. Our bodies naturally detox on a daily basis. However, certain factors make it harder for our bodies to clean itself out. If you are constantly consuming harmful substances such as alcohol and processed food, you increase the toxins that your body has to remove.

One of the best ways to improve your health and limit the number of toxins you are taking into your body is to eat clean. Lifestyle changes such as quitting the habit of smoking can also benefit you in the long-term.

Where do toxins come from?

Toxins are a natural part of life, but there are a number of things that we can limit our intake of that will eliminate a huge source of them. Here is a list of toxic substances:

  • Pesticides – The FDA has long since taken a stand against the presence of pesticides in our foods because of their history with causing major health problems including cancer. While the amount of pesticides in our food is limited, there is no guarantee that our food is completely safe.
  • Pollution – Our heavily industrialized world has created the problem of major pollution in our air and water. This is a problem because we interact with them every day. The long-term effects of pollution can lead to cancer, heart disease, and other major health problems.
  • Drug and Alcohol Use – These substances can cause numerous health problems including: lung or heart disease, cancer, infections, and more.

There is really no way to completely avoid toxins in our world today. However, being aware of where toxins are coming from and changing your lifestyle to avoid them will benefit you in the long-term. Detoxing helps to provide you with a clean slate from which to start your clean-living journey.

How to detox.

If you answered “no” to feeling your best, then you might find that it is time for a detox. There are several ways to detox. You should consider trying one (or all) of these natural methods of detoxing to facilitate healthy body function.

Exercise is one of the most beneficial things that we can do for our bodies. It improves both physical and mental health. The sweat that we produce when we work out not only helps our body to cool down, it also gets rid of toxins. While your kidneys and liver rid the body of most of its toxins, a trace amount can be found in your sweat as well. It’s a natural way to help your body to function well.

A healthy diet simply cannot be overlooked. Any food that you put into your body has to go through the digestion process. You want to make it as easy as possible for your body to digest what you eat and limit the bad things you put in. For example, processed foods often contain more calories, salt, sugar, and take longer to digest then natural whole foods. Skip the packaged snack and grab a fruit instead!

Drinking water is extremely important. Our bodies are mostly made up of water. Making sure that they are properly hydrated daily is vital to our health. Dehydration can even be fatal. The benefits of drinking water include increased energy, relief from headaches, and even weight loss.


You will absolutely benefit from doing a cleanse. There is no harm in helping your body do its job. While toxins are unavoidable, you can do your part by eating clean and avoiding unhealthy habits like drinking alcohol and smoking. If you want to, not only, improve your health and limit the toxic substances entering your body, then start your detox today!

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