Why You Should Be Reaping the Benefits of Vegetables

Why You Should Be Reaping the Benefits of Vegetables

Vegetables and You

Everyone knows the importance of vegetables to a healthy and balanced diet. It’s common knowledge that diets low in vegetables and high in unhealthy alternatives can have very harmful effects on our health including weight gain, disease, and poor cardiovascular health. That’s why it’s important to ensure that you are getting enough vegetables from day-to-day.

Vegetables are one of the best sources of nutrients and minerals that our bodies need to thrive and function properly. However, not all vegetables are created equal. Each vegetable is different when it comes to what mineral and nutrients it is most rich in. It is essential to eat a variety of different vegetables to reap their benefits across the board.

Here’s everything you need to know about why you should be eating more vegetables.

The Benefits of Vegetables

With the variety of ways that vegetables can be consumed, it should be easy to incorporate them into your diet. The minerals and nutrients that they are rich in, should be an indicator of their importance to your health. If you’re still on the fence, keep reading for more benefits of eating more vegetables.


Vegetables are an invaluable source of fiber for the body. Most people associate increase fiber intake with healthier bowels, but it goes a lot deeper than that. Fiber aids in digestion which helps our bodies to get the most nutrients out of our foods.

Fiber has been proven to aid in weight loss. Ensuring that your diet includes foods that are high in fiber can help you to shed excess weight. Not only that, but fiber has been linked to lowered cholesterol levels in those who suffer from poor cardiovascular health.

Vegetables Are Rich in Potassium

Most people associate potassium with bananas, and with good reason as the yellow fruit is chock-full of potassium. However, vegetables like sweet potatoes, spinach, and beets contain more potassium in them than a banana. Even if they don’t usually get credit for it.

Potassium plays a vital role in maintaining our overall health and can be found in nearly every part of the body. You can thank potassium for aiding in bodily functions such as muscle contractions, nerve transmissions, and ensuring that the heart and kidney can do their jobs.

Without potassium, your body would eventually fail to function properly. Keep it fuelled with the nutrients it needs, by adding more vegetables to your diet.

Antioxidants Can Be Found in Vegetables

Antioxidants are the reason that our bodies can fight off the toxins that we take in. Free radicals are harmful toxins that we take in on a daily basis. Left unchecked, these toxins can cause disease and have a detrimental effect on our health.

Antioxidants, such as vitamin C, are essential when it comes to eliminating free radicals from our bodies. Eating vegetables that are rich in antioxidants is a way to aid our body in its constant fight against free radicals. Artichoke, beets, kale, and spinach are all vegetables that are full of antioxidants, so be sure to pile them on your plate.

Cancer Prevention

While it was initially thought that the general consumption of fruits and vegetables was enough to prevent any kind of cancer. However, further studies showed that eating specific fruits and vegetables were linked to reduced risk of specific kinds of cancers. From the study:

“There was a significant reduction in breast cancer in women who had eaten higher intakes of apples, bananas, grapes, and corn during adolescence, and oranges and kale during early adulthood.”

These studies are an important break in the field of cancers research. They show how effective a healthy diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, is effective in preventing cancer. Further studies will give us a more in-depth look at the link, but the current results are very promising.

Conclusion: You Should Be Eating More Vegetables

The truth is that most Americans don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, despite the knowledge they have of their nutritional benefits. Not only are most vegetables tasty, low-calorie, and healthy, but they are also convenient. If you find yourself unable to consume the recommended amount of veggies a day, consider juicing.

Juicing allows you to easily increase your fruit and vegetable consumption. You can even juice at home! Grabbing a bottle on the way to work has never been easier. Even if you decide that juicing isn’t for you, it is important to make sure you eat enough vegetables. Your body will certainly thank you!

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