3 Day Juice Cleanse | Raw Cold Pressed | All Natural Detox | Coconut | 18 Bottles

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Try Our Famous 3 Day Juice Cleanse w/ Coconut!
18 Freshly Cold Pressed 12oz Juice Bottles With 3 Ginger Shots.

3 Rise N’ Shine: Pineapple, Ginger, Coconut Water & Alkaline Water
3 Glow Green: Granny Smith Apple, Kale, Ginger & Lemon
3 Beet-Tox: Beets, Pineapple, Orange & Lemon
3 Citrus Kick: Orange, Lemon, Carrot & Ginger
3 Coconut: Coconut Milk, Coconut Water, Coconut Oil, Coconut Flesh
3 Green Day: Granny Smith Apple, Kale, Cucumber, Celery
3 Ginger Shots

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Detox with a 3 Day Juice Cleanse by Raw Fountain

Kick start the journey to a healthier new you as Raw Fountain brings you a 3 Day Juice Cleanse. This particular cleanse includes concoctions that come loaded with the nutritional benefits of Coconut. The detoxification process can be challenging, however Raw Fountain makes it fun by offering you fresh cold pressed juice bottles that are delicious and healthy in equal parts.

For a mere $99.99, you get 18 12oz juice bottles with 3 ginger shots. Our products are made after extracting juice from freshly procured vegetables and fruits. The fruits and vegetables are cold-pressed to preserve its vitamin and mineral content.

The Benefits of Our 3 Day Juice Cleanse

  • Bloat reduction
  • Relief from digestive problems
  • Help with viral, fungal, and bacterial infections
  • Nurture skin
  • Reduce plaque around your teeth
  • Helps boost good cholesterol levels

How Does Shipping Work?

We use special insulated packaging to ensure our customers are delivered juice bottles that are still cold/frozen and fresh. You’ll need to place the bottles in the freezer once received. Consume within 3-4 days of opening the bottles. If you wish to re-invigorate your life by getting rid of those harmful toxins in your body, then you’ll find our 3 day juice cleanse more than up for the task.


Are Juice Cleanses Healthy?

Juice Cleansing refers to the act of only consuming fresh juice procured from fruits and vegetables to detoxify the body or lose weight. As fruits contain anti-inflammatory properties and are naturally loaded with vitamins and minerals, juice cleanses are considered healthy.

What are The Benefits of Juice Cleanses?

Juice cleanses are usually undertaken to detoxify the body. Their most common benefits include:

  • Bloat reduction
  • Replenishment of vitamins
  • Improved digestion
  • Improved gut health
  • Boost immunity

How Do Juice Cleanses Work?

Juice cleanses depend on a body’s complete reliance on a diet only involving juices from fruits and vegetables. It is done with the aim of flushing out any toxins a body may be harboring, typically to optimize one’s physical well-being.

Are Juice Cleanses good for weight loss?

As fruits and vegetables are low on fat and calories while being high on nutrients, juice cleanses can be a great way to lose weight quickly.

How Long Do Juice Cleanses Last?

Juice Cleanses typically last for 3 days minimum. Some can go up to 10 days on a diet involving only juice from vegetables and juice. It is recommended to be on a juice-cleanse diet for no more than 3 days.

Where Can You Buy Fresh Juice Cleanse Drinks?

If you are looking for 100% natural juice cleanse products that are made out of fresh fruits and vegetables, then look no further than Raw Fountain Juice. We harbor a massive catalog of juice cleanse products that come in a wide variety of tasty flavors. We have products that are ideal for 3, 5 and even 7 day cleanses.

What Should You Do in a Juice Cleanse?

Juice cleanse will involve only relying on juice and liquid for several days. You can, however, consume juice alongside a combination of dietary supplements. You can also combine such cleanses with a diet that promotes weight loss.

46 reviews for 3 Day Juice Cleanse | Raw Cold Pressed | All Natural Detox | Coconut | 18 Bottles

  1. Jesus L.

    I’m not really a big fan of coconut but decided to give this juice cleanse a try anyway and gotta say, I was very pleased with the taste and results. I managed to lose 5 pounds along the way and feel very energized! Now that I have a 3 day juice cleanse under my belt, I’m probably going to try a 7 day cleanse in a few months. These cleanses are taste great and and if you can get through them, they’re definitely a confidence booster.

  2. Jonathan D. (verified owner)

    Was good. Definitely empties you out. You can’t eat much after it’s over. It’s like you give a fresh start to your gut. The coconut and the last green juice was a little rough for my taste, but overall everything else was great. Would recommend for those looking to start on the path to eating clean and more plant based.

  3. Abby Tannenbaum

    I would give this bundle 5 stars if there were more coconut based juices. Other than that, the green apple juices were ok.

  4. Harry B.

    great tasting juice cleanse

  5. Donna Panson

    AMAZING! The juices got delivered fast and are ready to begin the cleanse the next day! I felt so much healthier and energized after doing the 3-day whenever cleanse. It was my first time doing a juice cleanse and I loved it. Would definitely recommend and do it again soon!

  6. Kevin

    Loving this juice cleanse!

  7. Milas Z.

    Came in frozen love the taste making me lose weight like crazy and it’s cleansing my body I can see it in my pee

  8. Tina Brideweser

    Came cold partially frozen in the cooler so that was good. The taste is decent so I would say 1/3 tasted pretty good and the other juices I tolerated. I definitely was hungry and I only drank 4 a day

  9. Teena Carter

    Juice when received was still frozen as it should be. The variety of flavors were really good.

  10. Constance

    Extremely good and easily changed me and my eating habits!

  11. Robert Lynn

    Great taste, love the variety of juices they provide.

  12. Anderson O.

    very good

  13. Richard A.

    The package came in frozen. love the taste, making me lose weight like crazy and it’s cleansing my body. I can see it in my pee

  14. Kris G.

    I definitely wish there were more coconut. Some tasted decent, others I had to just drink as fast as possible because it didn’t taste or smell good. They arrived mostly frozen as expected and flushed my system. They kept me from feeling hungry which was nice, in fact I struggled to force myself to drink them all.

  15. Jessica

    Juices are delish. They arrived still frozen. Definitely recommend this product!

  16. Jose S. Hutchens

    love the taste.

  17. Ronald G. Coleman

    Would definitely recommend and do it again soon!

  18. George

    These are such great quality and I highly recommend

  19. Vandusen

    I have to overcome a long-term medical issue and decided to detox. After many months of careful research regarding all nutrition, I know, without a doubt, I’m in for a healthy detox.

  20. Christopher

    These juices are amazing, and although a little pricey, you are paying for top quality.

  21. Joseph R. Huber

    It’s an amazing product and I will definitely be buying this again!

  22. Robert

    Organic, Delicious and Convenient.

  23. Mendez

    Needless to say I feel great after the juices and can now start my healthy diet!!

  24. Sarah J. Brown

    To lose a few pounds and these did the job and made me feel so much better! will def purchase again.

  25. Roy C. Smith

    I definitely recommend this cleanse! The juices taste great and the instructions are very easy to follow

  26. Johansen

    I was pleasantly surprised with this cleanse.

  27. Hilda S. Thom

    I was pleasantly surprised with this cleanse.

  28. Margaret R. Burge

    When you are sacrificing food for liquid, the taste has got to be solid, desirable, and delicious. This is not delicious but the nutritional facts are great.

  29. Glen D. Mohr

    I loved the variety and freshness of the juice provided and will order again as my journey back to healthy life continues!

  30. Kathy C. Lokey

    Great product at a very reasonable price

  31. Mike E. Parada

    I think this was my easiest cleanse ever! Great experience and will probably do again.

  32. Michael B. Davis

    I’m surprised I actually like the way it tastes.

  33. Sandra M. Mason

    I really enjoyed this cleanse! I really needed a reset, and this helped. Great 3 days cleanse!

  34. Jaime L. Pace

    If you’re looking for a good first cleanse, I highly recommend this one.

  35. Donna

    Absolutely would recommend this cleanse to anyone.

  36. Anissa N. Hamby

    I definitely recommend this juice cleanse!

  37. Leavitt

    The juice cleanse has me feeling a lot more energetic in the mornings and the day. I will definitely be ordering once every month as a way to maintain health.

  38. David

    Super gentle and easy cleanse ! Definitely recommend!

  39. Audra J. Veith

    Absolutely would recommend this cleanse to anyone.

  40. Phillip C. Roush

    I liked this product a lot. It was not hard to do the cleanse since the juices actually taste good. I am very happy.

  41. Kenneth V. James

    Tasted pretty sweet, I didn’t end up doing the three day cleanse but these were okay!

  42. Gladys J. Winfree

    I loved this! It’s very easy to use and complete. Definitely recommend.

  43. Lee W. Ary

    The flavors and tastes are amazing and I never really felt hungry. 100% recommend!

  44. Diana J. Anderson

    This stuff actually works for real. Highly recommend.

  45. Opal T. Waugh

    I would highly recommend and will certainly be buying again in the future.

  46. Coya

    Day (1) down and I’m sure I can handle the next (2) days since I started out on a low-fiber & liquid diet due to my colonoscopy surgery prep. I did eat meat and vegetables after surgery but I was able to start fresh the next business day with this 3-day cleanse since my body was already disciplined. The order came a day before the due date. The juices are tasty. Haven’t had too many bathroom runs but that’s probably because my “Sugar/Honey/Ice/Tea” has already been cleaned out! LOL I will definitely make this one of my quarterly rituals. Great Purchase!

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