7 Day Juice Cleanse | Raw Cold Pressed | All Natural Detox | Coconut | 42 Bottles

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Try Our Famous 7 Day Juice Cleanse w/ Coconut!
42 Freshly Cold Pressed 16oz Juice Bottles With 7 Ginger Shots.

7 Rise N’ Shine: Pineapple, Ginger, Coconut Water & Alkaline Water
7 Glow Green: Granny Smith Apple, Kale, Ginger & Lemon
7 Beet-Tox: Beets, Pineapple, Orange & Lemon
7 Citrus Kick: Orange, Lemon, Carrot & Ginger
7 Coconut: Coconut Milk, Coconut Water, Coconut Oil, Coconut Flesh
7 Green Day: Granny Smith Apple, Kale, Cucumber, Celery
7 Ginger Shots

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RAW FOUNTAIN 100% Cold Pressed Juices– VITALIZE your body and mind. Lose weight by getting rid of unnecessary bloat in your stomach. Increase your energy levels, strengthen your immune system, and improve your hair and nails! Feel simply amazing by giving your body the Nutrients it has been craving!

RAW FOUNTAIN JUICES are made from 100% FRESH produce. We are based out of NYC and we strongly believe in supporting the local economies, this is why we get all of our produce FRESH from local farmers. The fruits and vegetables are Cold Pressed everyday so you will always get the FRESHEST Juices.

SUPER JUICES are Cold Pressed using a commercial juicer! The Cold Press process preserves a LOT more Vitamins and Minerals than regular juicers do. The reason for that is Cold Pressing allows for the extraction of Nutrients and Enzymes without the use of heat.

HOW DO I GET THEM? The 42 Juice Bottles are sent frozen in special insulated packaging so that when you get them they are still cold! Once you get them, thaw 2 days at a time (12 Bottles) or simply put them in the freezer and start your cleanse whenever you are ready. Once thawed, the juices MUST to be consumed within 3-4 Days!

100% GLUTEN FREE & All Natural – We get nothing but amazing feedback for these juices, everyone loves the taste. If there are any concerns WHATSOEVER please contact us and we will do everything to BRIGHTEN UP your day! SO what are you waiting for, Let us get you on the road to a HEALTHIER you and start your cleanse TODAY with RAW FOUNTAIN JUICE!

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3 reviews for 7 Day Juice Cleanse | Raw Cold Pressed | All Natural Detox | Coconut | 42 Bottles

  1. Brent Franz

    You have to be committed to no food for 7 days before you order. It was enough calories to get me through the week. At the end I felt light and refreshed with a craving for healthy food.

  2. Tina K

    Love the product but I just wish it was less expensive. The flavor was good except the beet flavor one. But all and all it was good. I am not a juice drinker so I was scared to get this. I actually really like it. I will buy again

  3. Gabriel Gardner

    I Purchased this item and used it as instructed, however it doesn’t taste fresh after being thawed for 24 hours. It was packaged very well and came in a nice box. Some of the flavors were better than others. It has a large amount of sugar, but overall tasty. I would recommend this for someone who is trying to shed a few pounds. I wouldn’t recommend the 7 day though. I would’ve done a 3 day. Overall it should receive 5 stars but I only gave 3 because of the thawing issues.

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