7 Beet Juice Benefits (that you’ve never heard of)

7 Beet Juice Benefits

Why beet juice?

Beet juice is one of the most nutritious drinks around. The numerous beet juice benefits make it a well-qualified “superfood”. People who are looking to improve their health often turn to beetroot juice because of its well-documented nutritional value, convenience, and low cost.

If you are looking to add beets to your diet, juicing is one of the best ways to go. Beets lose a portion of their nutrients and minerals in the cooking process. This significantly reduces their health benefits. To take advantage of the full beetroot juice benefits, they should be consumed raw. Drinking raw beet juice allows them to best retain their nutrients and minerals, resulting in a healthier you!

1. Natural Detoxifier

Beetroot juice is chock-full of antioxidants, making it a great detoxifier. Antioxidants work to prevent and break down free radicals which cause damage to cells. Free radicals are the toxins produced by the body’s processing of harmful substances. Beet juice aids the body in preventing and destroying these toxins.

One of the benefits of drinking beet juice is that it naturally replenishes your body’s store of antioxidants. Consuming juice from beets assists the body in detoxing. This helps to protect the body’s cells from damage and promotes healthy body function.

2. Guilt-Free Alternative

Many people turn to beet juice as a substitute for high-calorie drinks and snacks. Raw beet juice has only 100 calories per cup. Studies suggest that drinking 2 cups of beetroot juice a day can help to improve your overall health in various ways.

Starting your day off with beet juice is a healthier alternative to most other breakfast drinks. Another benefit of beetroot juice is that it is virtually fat-free. It can even be mixed with other fruit or vegetable juices to increase its overall health benefits and enhance the flavor!

3. Vitamin C

Beet juice is rich in vitamin C, which is an essential part of a well-balanced diet. Vitamin C is an important part of many of the body’s functions and helps to prevent diseases. Drinking vitamin C plentiful beetroot juice benefits you in the following ways:

  • Aiding in the prevention and treatment of illnesses such as the common cold.
  • Significantly reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • The production of collagen (improves skin’s elasticity)

Your body will thank you in many ways for ensuring that it has the nutrients it needs to perform well. A single cup of raw beetroot juice provides you nearly 13% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C.

4. Lowers Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common disease that affects millions of people. Beet juice can help to prevent and lower high blood pressure. It is brimming with inorganic nitrates, which are used to treat high blood pressure.

Scientists have used beetroot juice in studies where participants were treated for their high blood pressure. The studies concluded that within a week of adding beet juice to their diets, participants showed significantly lowered blood pressure. Prolonged use yielded even better results.

5. Increases Stamina

Exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. If you are looking to boost your physical stamina and endurance, simply add 2 cups of beet juice to your daily routine. Incorporating beetroot juice into your diet has been linked to increased physical stamina during exercise.

Beet juice benefits the heart in multiple ways. Studies have also shown that participants who consumed beetroot juice prior to exercising had healthier blood pressure levels during their workout. Healthier blood pressure levels reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke.

6. Digestive Health

Beet juice contains high levels of fiber, which is necessary for digestive health. The digestive system works to ensure that the body is able to take in all the beneficial nutrients it receives from food consumption. Fiber helps to slow down the digestive process to ensure that the body has enough time to absorb all that it can.

Fiber also aids in the digestive process by promoting the efficient removal of waste from the body. Low fiber levels have been linked to poor digestive health; this can cause numerous problems. A cup of beet juice contains 14-17% of the daily recommended fiber intake. A healthy digestive system is one, of many, beetroot juice benefits.

7. Promotes Healthy Liver Function

The liver is one of 5 vital organs that the body could not survive without. It works to remove harmful substances from the body and produce proteins for the digestive system. Liver function is harmed by over-consumption of harmful substances like alcohol and fatty foods.

A healthy liver can make you feel more energized, improve your mood, and provides support to your immune system. Drinking beet juice benefits the liver by ensuring that it stays healthy. Beet juice is rich in the nutrients your liver needs to maintain proper function.


Raw beet juice makes for an excellent addition to any diet. It is rich in many essential vitamins and minerals that help ensure that your body functions in a healthy way. Start off with a cup a day, giving your body time to adjust to the change. You may notice a reddish tint to your stool or urine, this is normal. Have you tried reaping the benefits of beet juice, yet? Comment your results below!

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