Nutrition and Weight Loss: Everything You Wish You Had Known

Nutrition and Weight Loss

Fitness doesn’t mean skinny. However, the natural course of action when one is attempting to lose weight is to begin an exercise regime and start eating right. Unfortunately, many people turn to diets and cutting calories, but the truth is that these restrictions are hard to maintain. While they may initially result in weight loss, those results don’t typically last long because once they’ve achieved their goal weight people typically turn back to their old habits.

So, how can you lose weight and maintain your goal weight long after you’ve stopped trying to slim down? It’s simple really, you’ve got to eat right and stay active. Although it is so easy, there are tons of people who don’t have success with this method. That’s because burning calories is easier than eating the right kinds of food. No worries, we’ve got you covered with everything that you wish you’d known about weight loss and nutrition.

What Exactly is Nutrition?

Nutrition is derived from the healthy foods that a person consumes, these foods aid in the growth, general health, and well-being of the body. The distinction is important here, healthy foods fuel the body, processed foods do not.

Eating a healthy meal that consists of whole grains, healthy fats, protein, and nutrient dense vegetables is the best way to fuel your body. On the flip side, eating a processed meal that has been stripped of its nutritional value, isn’t a way to fuel the body, it merely satiates hunger.

That’s not to say that you can’t enjoy fast food or your favorite processed meal every once in a while. It simply means that for the most part, your meals should be balanced and contain a mix of essential vitamins and minerals.

Nutrition and Weight Loss

Nutrition is important for all aspects of the human body. Proper nutrition is essential for those who wish to live a long life. Eating unhealthy foods can cause a multitude of health problems including heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. A human can only last so long without the proper nutrients to be able to survive. The food we eat plays a big role in the weightloss we lose.

Although it may not look like it makes much of a difference in the beginning, eating healthy foods can account for a significant weight loss. It also helps you keep off the weight. A good rule of thumb to follow when attempting to use diet and exercise as methods of weight loss is that nutrition accounts for 75% of weight loss and exercise accounts for 25%.

Many nutritionists go by the saying “Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym.” That is why so many athletes adhere to strict meal plans in order to maintain their body’s fitness. You have to fuel your body properly if you want it firing at all cylinders.

Juicing for Weight Loss

In recent years, juicing has become a fast and popular addition to many people’s diet. One of the most important benefits of juicing is its convenience. If you’re too busy to cook your veggies why not drink them? Juicing is also a great option for those who are not fans of fruits or veggies. With one drink you can have your daily serving size done and you’re ready to start the day.

Actually, by adding fresh fruits or veggie juice to your diet actually helps out your metabolism. Juicing is fulfilling and especially if your throwing in a lot of vegetables or fruits with lots of fiber, it will keep you full for much longer. Rather than snacking or eating processed foods when you’re out into town, grab a cold-pressed juice that’s full of nutrients and enjoy a feeling of satiety for an entire day.

Adding a fresh pressed vegetable or fruit juice to your diet also helps your cravings as you will be too full to think about the late-night chips or ice cream. Juicing can also be a long-term addition to your diet. It doesn’t have to be something that you stop once you’ve completed your cleanse. Not to mention, it’s a great way to jumpstart weight loss without dieting and counting calories.

Final Thoughts

Nutrition is very essential to the human body just as drinking water is. Finding ways to eat healthier and consuming the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables can help you with your weight loss journey.

If you haven’t already, try adding juice to your diet. There are many ways to juice, and you can start by doing your research and ordering some online or running to your local juice shop or grocery store. Juicing is everywhere. Try cold-pressed juice for weight loss today and marvel at the results.

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