Why Should You Be Eating More Fruit

Why Should You Be Eating More Fruit

Fruits and You

There is no question that fruits are healthy, there have been numerous studies over the years that support this fact. However, most people don’t know exactly why fruits are healthy, that is, they don’t know which fruits they should target for specific health benefits.

All fruits are rich in essential vitamins and nutrients that the body needs to function well and maintain good health. However, there is a huge difference in the abundance of these nutrients from fruit to fruit. For example, an apple contains only half the amount of potassium than a banana does. Here are a few important reasons that you should be adding more fruit to your diet.

Fruits Help You Lose Weight

A healthy and balanced diet is a major factor in weight loss. Exercising will not yield significant results if paired with an unhealthy diet. A diet which features the regular consumption of fruits has been proven to facilitate weight loss across the board.

Studies suggest that fruits may play a role in satiety. Over-eating alongside little to no exercise will result in weight gain. Suppressing one’s appetite while fueling your body with healthy fruit is an excellent way to discourage over-eating. This will, in turn, lead to weight loss.

As obesity in the United States has increased tremendously in the years passed, increased fruit consumption can help to effectively combat this trend.

Fruits Are Rich in Fiber

Digestive health plays a huge role in maintaining the proper function of the body. This should come as no surprise. For example, it is not too far-fetched to compare the function of our bodies to the function of a well-oiled machine.

Like machines, we need to fuel our bodies with the proper materials. The digestive system is integral when it comes to ensuring that the food that we consume is broken down in a way that our bodies can use most efficiently.

One of the main components of this process is fiber. There are several types of fiber that our bodies use, they are broken down into two groups: soluble and insoluble fiber. Whole fruits, especially raw, are very rich in fiber. Some of the benefits of consuming fiber are an increased amount of healthy bacteria in your gut, colon health, and lower blood sugar levels.

Overall, you can expect significant health benefits when you introduce more fiber into your diet and eating more fruit is a great way to achieve this. Apples, strawberries, and mangoes are high in fiber, and not to mention, quite delicious.

Fruits Are Rich in Essential Vitamins and Nutrients

Every fruit is made up of the essential substances that our bodies need to function properly. These substances can be found in the foods that we eat. Fruits are one of the foods that are chock-full of nutrients and minerals. Here are some of the substances that you can be found in fruits and their benefits:

  • Vitamin A – Is vital to preventing age-related damage to both our eyes and skin. As we age both of these organs naturally incur damage. Vitamin A promotes the synthesis of collagen, which improves the appearance of skin by maintaining its elasticity. Damage to vision is also prevented by the consumption of vitamin A.
  • Vitamin C – You can count on vitamin C for a number of health benefits. Vitamin C is an antioxidant which helps us to remove toxins from our bodies. This allows the liver and kidneys to perform their jobs as efficiently as possible.
  • Potassium – This substance is essentially the Jack-of-all-trades when it comes to our bodies. You can find potassium in nearly every part of our bodies performing various jobs. Ensuring that you have a sufficient amount of potassium in your body will help to maintain its proper function.


The bottom line is that fruits should have a well-established place in your daily diet. The health benefits of fruits have been long established through numerous studies and heavily conducted research.

There is no doubt that your body will thank you in various ways when you consume more fruits. Your vision, digestion, skin health, and weight will all be improved. Especially when paired with a balanced diet and significant exercise.

In order to facilitate an increased intake of fruits, you should consider adding cold-pressed juice to your diet. It is one of the most convenient ways to do so. Grab a delicious blend today, and start reaping the benefits immediately.

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