Exercise: The Secret to Weight Loss?

The Secret to Weight Loss

The truth is that most people aren’t burning as many calories as they consume, which is why the U.S struggles with obesity. Exercising is typically the go-to for those who are attempting to lose weight. Everyone knows that weight loss requires only two things out of you: a healthy diet and exercise.

However, as easy as it sounds, most people can’t stick to a consistent exercise regime or make a healthy diet decision on a long-term basis. So, many people are left wondering, is there a secret to weight loss, something to make it easier?

Unfortunately, no. Diet and exercise are pretty much all there is to it. You’ll also need the mental fortitude to get up for that 5 am run and the willpower to say no to that delicious ice cream sundae.

That being said, we’ve got everything that you need to know about how exercise can help you to combat weight gain and increase weight loss.

What is Juicing?

No more having to suffer swallowing the kale or spinach as the bitter taste leaves your mouth dry. Just throw it in a blender with some fruits to make it sweet and you are ready to go for the day.

A lot of people use juicing in many ways as a detox, a weightloss aid, or just to get the necessary supplements they need in their diets. Pair juicing with exercise and some highly-nutritional meals and you’ll see results very quickly.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on an expensive juicer and fresh fruits and veggies every week. As the popularity of juicing has grown, shops now offer cold-pressed juice. Just grab some on your weekly grocery run or order some online to be shipped right to your door.

Juicing and Exercise for Weight Loss

Staying active is important to your overall health. Your body needs to be exercised to maintain health, function properly, efficiency, and well, because that’s what it is built to do. If you do not exercise regularly and eat unhealthily, your muscle mass will decrease rapidly while the amount of fat in your body will increase.

Once you gain fat on your body, it can be a long and arduous process to get it off. Biologically speaking, one pound of fat is made up of about 3,500 calories. That means that it will take you burning an excess of 3,500 calories, just to see one pound gone. For those who want to lose significant amounts of fat on their body, this can be daunting and will take months even years to achieve.

That’s where exercising comes in. Exercise expedites the weight loss process in two ways. First, exercise helps to build up and maintain our muscles which burn more calories than fat even when we aren’t exercising. Secondly, exercising burns calories. It is completely possible to come in at a caloric deficit when you pair exercise and a healthy diet. In fact, consuming 250 calories less a day and going for an hour walk can put you at a caloric deficit of 500 calories in a single day. Keep it up for a week and you’ll have lost one pound.

Now, how does juicing fit into a daily exercise regime? Juicing is a great way to provide your muscles with the necessary nutrients to help them work more efficiently. Juice can also be a great pre- or post-workout snack or meal. Additionally, you can add protein powder to your juice for an added flavor boost, which helps to stimulate muscle growth and repair as well.

Juicing complements an exercise regime very well. If you came from a diet filled with processed foods and you’re quitting cold turkey, your taste buds may be in shock. Finding different recipes and trying different brands will help your body get used to earthy tastes rather than a microwave meal. Recipes with more fruits won’t be as bitter and adding spices such as turmeric or cinnamon can have added health benefits.

Final Thoughts

Juicing is great for the body and when you pair it with exercise, it creates a whirlwind of great benefits including weight loss, improvements to overall health, and a boost in energy. Finding ways to add juicing in your daily diet can help you stay on schedule when you don’t have time to prepare another meal. Head to a cold-pressed juice shop near you or order online to buy a drink and be on your way. No more carrying millions of snacks or stopping to grab fast food, as juicing will help you with your cravings. Grab a bottle of juice today, and reap the benefits.

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